Sunday, August 16, 2009


Listen up you Fuck!
I will sweeten my words
Tempt you with a momento of thought -
Enticing murmur you heard
Something for luck

I have censored myself.
Tempt you with spicy, sweet thought treats -
Makes me feel sick
Like you said "SuCK my DIck, BITcH!"
and i did.

I please you as a survival mechanism.
It started ironing, starching, slaving, "yes Missus!"
Mister would fuck me and I would bite the pillow -
To silence my scream.
This is the coloniser's daily routine
The suburban, colonial, civilising prison

We are all subdued and civilised,
I please on demand -
Sweet treats, refined from my dreams
Butter my words, sweet talk and tasty thoughts.
Because you have the power in your white, hot hand.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Renew Newcastle Studio Application

I have applied for a studio with Renew Newcastle.
see what Marcus and Marnie and friends are up to at:
Fingers crossed that a suitable space becomes available

So Very Deadly is ready to have a special space to grow!