Sunday, August 16, 2009


Listen up you Fuck!
I will sweeten my words
Tempt you with a momento of thought -
Enticing murmur you heard
Something for luck

I have censored myself.
Tempt you with spicy, sweet thought treats -
Makes me feel sick
Like you said "SuCK my DIck, BITcH!"
and i did.

I please you as a survival mechanism.
It started ironing, starching, slaving, "yes Missus!"
Mister would fuck me and I would bite the pillow -
To silence my scream.
This is the coloniser's daily routine
The suburban, colonial, civilising prison

We are all subdued and civilised,
I please on demand -
Sweet treats, refined from my dreams
Butter my words, sweet talk and tasty thoughts.
Because you have the power in your white, hot hand.

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